Initially conceived as a project to explore the gold rush of cryptocurrency mining in the rural region of Kakheti in Georgia, The Harvest is an exploration of the relationship between nature, technology, and the changing landscape.

Available VOD on IFFR Unleashed and Amazon

US Distribution by Indiepix


Director: Misho Antadze
Cinematography: Alexander Girav
Produced by: Melissa Demetras, Pantheon Pictures (USA); Natia Guliashvili, Cinemark (Georgia).
Edited by: Misho Antadze, Daphne Rosenthal

Select Screenings:

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 - World Premiere

Jeonju International Film Festival 2019 - Asian Premiere, Recipient of the NETPAC Award

Millennium! Docs Against Gravity (Warsaw) 2019 - In competition for Best Cinematography

Palic European Film Festival 2019 - Winner of Critics' Choice section Parallels and Encounters

Full Frame Film Festival 2020 - North American Premiere

Articles and Reviews:

Show Me the Bitcoin – Rohan Crickmar, Eastern European Film Bulletin

Making the Digital Visible (and Audible) – Tiago de Luca, Docalogue

Of Cows, Cryptocurrencies, and Machines in Images – Silke Panse, Docalogue